Aug 2017 Time to take an eTox

A month off social media.

I felt like it had been coming for a long time. I just needed to bite the bullet – like going to the dentist. I finally took the plunge and promised myself a whole month away from Instagram and Facebook. Why? Because I could see that it was bringing me little joy.  Just wasting so much of my time. I would check my feed, put my phone down, then literally 20 seconds later, pick it back up and check again. I felt stupid and ashamed when I’d catch myself doing it again and again.

Taking just one month off was my plan to combat the bug. 31 days. Around 500 waking hours.

The first week was all about breaking the habit. I would leave my phone at home when leaving the apartment. If I had to make or receive calls I’d just turn my data off. Immediately I realised how much I rely on this metal object that sits in my pocket. My precious. So sad but true. My phone battery would last the whole day without needing charge – obviously because I wasn’t using it. It seems that data and social media are very power hungry (physically and energetically). The hardest thing was the habit of holding my device. I would just naturally pick it up then immediately put it straight down, it was so bizarre. The whole concept is bizarre. Being a slave to this tiny object.


6 Things that came out of my social media etox.

  1. I started reading books again – In the past 10 years, I think I’ve read about two books. In August I also read two. I’m back into the world of literature and I love it.
  2. My headaches ware gone. – Earlier in the year, I would get mild headaches. I thought it was because I had a lot on my plate. After a few weeks with less screen time, I felt clearer and calmer with no headaches.
  3. More Creative – I started to write songs every day. Tunes were coming to me at times too quickly for me to keep up. All of a sudden I had another 10 songs that might go on my new record.
  4. I started Dreaming again – I would rarely remember my dreams. A few weeks into my etox I dreamt every night. Old friends would visit and I enjoyed waking up in the morning having dreamt all these crazy scenarios.
  5. Podcasts – Enter the world of information and some real actual useful material.
  6. Music – I stared listening to music again. Making playlists and seeking out new sounds.


Denzel Washington (what a boss) brought up in an interview “do you think there’s a possibility that we’re getting too much information.”. Do I need to know everything that’s happening in all my friends lives every second – hell no. Add world news and all the funny cat videos on top of that – then there’s little chance you’ll have much room in your own life to do the things you love to do. Returning to social media, I found I just didn’t need to be on it as long anymore. I feel like I’m back on top in the battle of dominance between a tiny black rectangle box and myself… for now.

…to be continued.