Oct 2017 Swing Easy Playlist Ep 1

An hour of cruisy tunes curated by me.
Every month I’m crafting a playlist of songs that help me take it easy. I really appreciate the moments where I can swing easy. Just slow everything down and be content. Music has always been a path to take me closer to that place. Searching for songs that give me this vibe is exciting for me. I’m on an endless treasure hunt.
Episode 1 contains some of my go-to artists when I need to feel relaxed. Finley Quay, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Burning Spear and Patrice are some artists in this playlist I have had the pleasure of seeing live. Music is so powerful. Sounds and song can transport you to far away places in a matter of seconds. Feature song is toward the end of the playlist, by Aggie Grey’s Hotel string band. My uncle is singing in this recording. This vocal group perform every night in the dining hall of the popular Samoan Hotel – Aggie Grey’s. It’s here my parents met. Its here where it all began for me.

Live Good – Burning Spear
Brutal Hearts – Bedouin soundclash
Even After All – Finley Quay
Flip Ya Lid – Nightmares on wax
Backslider – Wild Belle
Them Changes – Thundercat
We are the Future in the Present – Patrice
Makkan – Fat Freddy’s Drop
Minho Galera – Manu Chao
Life – Bob Andy
Samoa Silasila – Aggie Greys Hotel String Band
Tu Paipai – Toti’s Tahitians
Yegelle Tezeta – Mulatu Astatke
Baltimore – Nina Simone
Come Listen – Kooii
Zion I – Cynmade